Welcome to my website!

Hello, world!

It's incredibly exciting to be sharing news of my novel. The Lighthouse has taken six years to write and I'm finally in the home stretch, which means editing, revising, tinkering, and getting it ready for publication. I've had a bunch of paperbacks printed and those are currently with a beta reading group, and while I'm waiting on their feedback I'm also shopping the manuscript around literary agents. My hope is that the book will find a home somewhere and be published the traditional way, but if that doesn't happen then I am committed to going to the self-publishing route.

I plan to update this section of my website as the book nears publication, so if you'd like to keep track of progress then please check back from time to time. You can also follow me on Twitter or Like me on Facebook, as I'll also be posting updates there too!

Super excited to be introducing you to Amy and Ryan and for readers to soon be taking their journey to Seabrook!